Set of Amethyst Runes. With bag and instructions.


Absolutely stunning amethyst in resin finished with gold leaf. A perfect addition to any divination journey. Read more below.


These Amethyst stone and gold leaf resin set runes takes approximately 2.5 days to make. Each rune is polished to a high quality, painted, laid into an eco-sourced wood backing and sealed to finish.

24 + 1 blank runes based on Elder Futhark. Each rune sits at approximately 2.8×1.8x1cm and weighs approximately 3-5g each. The stones within are distributed as evenly as possible to ensure an equal feel batch.

The creator of these runes, Hæðni, has been a Pagan for more than half her life and has studied stones for about that long too. As a Norse Pagan, she understands the importance of combining the runes with the right stones and balance, and as with all her work, love has gone into every piece.

Spirituality in the stone; Amethyst is a cleansing crystal, and popular as a guardian stone for its “energy emitting” properties. Lavender amethyst specifically is said to help with unwanted thoughts and is often used in beads by monks. The lighter the colour, the more gentle and calm the energy is said to be.

The runes are supplied in a handmade cotton pouch with ink dyed emblem. We also provide instructions on both care and how to use them, along with links to our blog for the comprehensive guides.

Customisation is available in different colour runes, different stones, and a mica finish instead of gold leaf. Please contact us to discuss this more.


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