Quarter elemental orgone meditation pyramids with element symbols


These quarter elemental pyramids are made by hand, with both pagan practices, meditation and convenience in mind. Read more below.


These quarter elemental pyramids are made by hand, with both pagan practices, meditation and convenience in mind.
Made and charged by our very own Hæðni. She has been a practicing Pagan for more than half her life and has an affinity for understanding crystals.
Each of these pyramids has been meticulously designed to represent the 4 quarter elements. Their size of approx 50-60mm means they’re perfect for travel too!

Orgone translates to “life force” and these pyramids emit a high-frequency vibration, with a hidden copper centre that amplified the energies wanted. Used in meditation, Reiki and more, these pyramids can boost whatever elemental gain you’re working for.

From the deepest roots to the sparkling treetops, this pyramid takes you to the deep and glorious forest. Green aventurine plays a big part here as the stone of opportunity and abundance. The manner in which aventurine stimulates growth, both inner and outer, supports a bountiful harvest, whatever your intent. A small amount of goldstone lays in the “roots” to promote vitality.

A smokey pyramid, we’ve focused on flying you into the atmosphere. Howlite sits in the highest clouds, to clear your mind and aid meditation. Known as the calming stone, let it raise you up and feel the wind in your hair. Towards the base lays turquoise, which many believe represents the connection of sea and air. It is a calming stone that helps promote self-realisation.

A fiery blend of gold leaf and red, this pyramid has burnt embers in mind. Imagine this on your fire-walk. Laced with red jasper, ruby quartz, obsidian and goldstone, this is a pyramid of intense healing and revitalisation. Red jasper is said to be the stone inlaid into the sword that the Norse legend Siegfried the dragon slayer used!

shells, sand, seafoam and the deep ocean, this pyramid sets a scene. You can almost feel the waves lapping at your feet! In the healing world, shells are said to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. All of these shells are sustainably sourced from the beaches, empty at the time of collection. Cazi washes and shines them herself. This uses a fluid resin technique because, well… fluid.

Each pyramid has a wood base from sustainable sources, and we use vegan resin.
Designs will vary slightly as each set is made by hand to order. Bespoke orders are available for those looking for their own combination, please contact us.
Wrapped in tissue paper, in a special pouch and popped in a cardboard box, no one will see these stones from the moment they leave Norn centre until the moment you open them, so the charge of the energy will remain protected.
Resin can discolour if leftover time in the sun, please avoid too much UV for the best care.


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